About Howie's

Howie's is about Family. Two brothers, Michael & Christopher Howe, were born in Providence, living on Union Avenue, and eventually moved to Barrington….West Barrington…Bay Spring to be exact. Along with their two sisters, they grew up as a close-knit family. As kids, they both had the nickname "Howie"

Chris went on to graduate form East Providence High School, shortly after starting his own business, Providence Fire Restoration, based out of Pawtucket, which he still owns and operates today. Michael went to Barrington High School, and eventually to Johnson & Wales, where he studied Culinary Arts.

Michael moved to Chicago in 1987, marrying his college sweetheart (that he met at the Recess Pub). In Chicago, he worked in hotels, country clubs, and as a culinary instructor, eventually opening two other restaurants. He would return several times a year for family visits (and for Patriots games), always having the conversation with his brother about "doing something together".

Well…in November 2018, that dream came to fruition. Chris stumbled upon a listing for an available space and…boom…Howie's was born! Not long after construction began, they were joined by Chef & General Manager Sarah Bleich, who was a former student of Michael's in Chicago, also working in his restaurant in Omaha. Having worked in Michelin Star restaurants, Sarah brings a fantastic attention to detail, quality and an unbridled passion for excellence.

Howie's is determined to support local farmers, artisans & purveyors as much as possible. With a lean towards local & sustainable, we make as much in-house as possible, using only quality ingredients and expanding our repertoire continually. Our space was designed with YOU in mind. We wanted you to feel at home…comfortable…like an invited guest to our home. Part of our family.

Thank you for supporting us…supporting our community. We will continue to be…Founded on Family, Focused on Fresh.